The first golf course in Brevard County, now Rockledge Country Club, was first located on the east side of US1 with sand greens. This picture shows the original clubhouse and a female golfer putting on sand greens. The Hotel Indian River can be seen in the background, as well as the original clubhouse.

Hotel Indian River, Rockledge, Florida. Opened January 5th 1911.

The City of Rockledge was officially founded in 1887, making it the oldest incorporated municipality in Brevard County.  Known as a resort town in the early part of the 20th century, the population would rise from 200 to 2,000 in the winter months.  In 1906 the first airplane touched down in Rockledge.  That grassy landing strip soon became the areas first golf course with sand greens.  The nine-hole course was located behind Hotel Indian River between Railroad Street (now Orange Avenue) and Barton Avenue.  The club house still remains on Barton Ave and is owned by St. Mary’s Catholic Church.  The course was owned by the City of Rockledge and was known as the City Municipal Golf Links.



In 1918, The Rockledge Club, now Rockledge Country Club, hosted a tournament for the W.W. Brown Cup Trophy.  The tournament was won by E.L. Horwood.  The cup is presently located in the trophy case in the golf shop at Rockledge Country Club.  The trophy was donated back to Rockledge Country Club by Mr. Horwood’s daughter, Mrs. Dorothy Horwood Davis.

On January 27, 1921, The Cocoa Tribune published an article regarding a visit President Warren G. Harding made to Rockledge, Florida.  Prior to his inauguration on March 4, 1921, President Elect Harding was enjoying a cruise down the east coast via the Indian River aboard the yacht “Victoria”, belonging to Senator Joseph S. Frelinghuysen of New Jersey.  Mr. Cliff Kling, brother of Mrs. Harding, who was a guest at The Hotel Oaks, received word that the “Victoria” would be arriving about four o’clock.  A crowd gathered to cheer the arrival of President Elect Harding as the “Victoria” approached the wharf in Rockledge.  After greeting the well-wishers, Mr. Harding was driven to the golf course by “Happy Jessie” who immediately assumed the duties of caddy.  Despite enjoying his round of golf in Rockledge, the game was cut short due to lack light.  Mr. Harding visited with old friends in town before returning to the yacht.  The “Victoria” traveled down the river a short distance prior to tying up for the night.  Two large black bass caught a few hours earlier in the St. Johns River were served for dinner aboard the “Victoria” that evening.

President Harding was an avid golfer.

The Victoria, Pres. Elect Harding at Rockledge, Fla.

Information compiled from The Cocoa Tribune and personal research from Mr. Ron Withrow.