I would like to take this opportunity to explain a few changes you will be seeing soon. Here is a little history to help this make sense. The FSGA, Florida State Golf Association, is our state branch of the USGA. The FSGA administers the handicap system, hosts USGA tournaments, and provides course rating services and many other functions. They rated the golf course in 2002. The country club switched to Golfnet in 2008 (exact date unsure). Golfnet uses a rating company called GAF, and they came and re-rated the course themselves. They have different methods for rating a course and rated this course more difficult than the FSGA did in years before. When we switched back to USGA, we kept the rating that GAF had provided. It is recommended that a course be re-rated every 10 years or when significant changes have been made. With the changes we made here last summer, it was time to have the rating done again. Consequently, when the FSGA came out a few weeks ago, they used their method and came close to what the slope and course rating were back in 2002. How does this effect you? You will notice a drop in course rating and slope, and an increase in your handicap. You will also notice our new scorecards rating and slope will not match what you see on the handicap posting station or online. We have about a six month supply of scorecards and will make the change on the next order of cards. If you have any questions about this or need further explanation, please ask! I love talking about these types of things!

Jeff Turner, PGA Head Golf Professional